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We Believe in the Power of Information to Aid Procurement Teams

With the the current complexity of supply chain, information gaps in procurement are pervasive in most enterprises, critical procurement data is getting lost in email boxes or isolated meetings.


LUPR, Salesforce based SRM, is surfacing this data into a single view and provides real-time analysis of suppliers, categories and products/services, to help executives achieve a resilient supply chain.

Critical Procurement Information is Hard to Find

Supply Managers in many organizations lack easy access to the organization-wide and real-time supplier insights they need to ensure a stable supply chain.


LUPR helps procurement and quality teams capture and consolidate critical supplier data to support supplier management and a resilient supplier chain.

LUPR Visibility into supply chain distruption
LUPR - Tracking all safety and quality issues
LUPR - Valuation of all improvement initiatives
Visibility into Supply Chain Disruption
Ongoing Supplier Risk Assessments
Tracking of all Improvement & saving

Real time understanding of any impact on supply chain. Ability to monitor and maintain resilient supply chain.

Capturing and monitoring all issues for future reference and analysis for evaluation and benchmarking.

Projects that being worked on in collaboration with suppliers to improve efficiency and increase savings.

We created LUPR app so executives will have real-time access to crucial supplier insight and analysis and a collaborative platform to quickly react to issues and better understand the supplier map.



Try LUPR to experience, firsthand, to evaluate how easy it is to drive efficiency and enhance procurement's value in your organization.



LUPR Vision

Leveraging the power of Salesforce CRM to lead the transformation of Supply Management in the data-centric and collaboration era by aggregating procurement data and easing collaboration to reduce risk, spur innovation, and reduce cost.

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