LUPR Category Management Automation is the ultimate tool to provide full performance and benchmarking data per category. It can identify potential issues and their root causes so that they can be resolved as early as possible.

Innovation with supplier made easy

LUPR Supplier Innovation Hub 

The importance of constant innovation has become key to company success, and companies have outsourced a continually greater share of operations to their suppliers. LUPR provides the perfect tool to collaborate with your suppliers and stakeholders to unleash their creativity and maximize their value. 


LUPR Sourcing

Creating RFx documents has never been easier.  Build on samples from our library of templates and work securely and collaboratively with your team and potential suppliers in Chatter, our built-in social collaboration platform.  Once complete, store new agreements in LUPR along with all your other supplier data so you never miss another renewal deadline. LUPR makes the results of sourcing and supplier development projects visible in real-time to procurement leaders.

Get insights into suppliers financials and risk

Understand your supplier risk is the key to excellence

Supplier Risk Management

 LUPR measures, analyzes, and manages the supplier’s performance and KPIs in an effort to reduce risk, maintain supplier quality and quickly resolve issues. With LUPR, Procurement executives are getting the most out of their suppliers by continuously assessing the risks to achieve their quality and saving goals.   

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