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LUPR Supplier Quality Enabler​LUPR 

Visibility into Supplier Quality

Managing the quality of your suppliers is not an easy task as products become more complex while regulations and environmental issues are at a pick.


The constant goal to reduce cost leads to the globalization of suppliers and suppliers from developing countries with challenging visibility into their quality.

Know your supplier REAL quality 

Establishing productive relations with your suppliers is the key to positive supply chain outcomes. LUPR Collaboration tools enable you to assess, survey and report issues (NCR) in one tool. The data is then analyzed and available for management to review and make the right decision to preserve quality and for faster resolutions.


We have seen time and time again that collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders on the right platform can more easily reduce risk and enhance quality.

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Reduction of Errors and Faster Resolutions

With LUPR, Procurement Executives are getting the most out of their suppliers by continuously reducing errors and resolving them faster. By capturing (through assessments and NCRs), communicating and analyzing the critical data, executives are able to more easily achieve their goals: reduce cost, drive efficiency and enhance the value of spend.


Collaboration Tool

Collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders

to achieve better results

Supplier Quality Process

Automate and clarify non-conformance process

Online Survey System

Reduce cycle time of assesment

Dashboards and Reports

Get supplier data and analysis in real time 


LUPR is a fast-growing start-up. Our main goal is helping companies with an easy to use app and services, maximize their supplier value and see fast results.

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