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Category Management Automation

Get supplier performancefrom Anywhere 

Lacking visibility of

  • Delivery delays

  • Service issues

  • Poor supplier financial health

  • Natural disasters 

  • Constrained capacity issues



Leaves you exposed to sudden cost increases, eroding supplier quality and lost sales.

Our customers use LUPR to track performance so they can focus on long-term strategies for improved performance and savings.


Collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders

Process Improvment

Automate and clarify KPI Processes

Reduce Risk

Analyze Supplier data

market trends

Analyze Supplier data

Simply Drive Supplier’s Improvement

Whether you are the category manager or the CPO, LUPR Category Management Automation is the ultimate tool to identify potential issues and their root causes so that they can be resolved to everyone’s benefit as early as possible. In other words, you can achieve all of these at no extra cost or training.


  • Collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders

  • Automate and clarify KPI Processes

  • Reduce the cycle time of issue resolution

  • Analyze and reduce future risks



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You Can Depend on the Performance of your Strategic Suppliers

LUPR CMA ensures that a supplier’s performance meets the expectations defined in the contract and company goals. It includes


  • Management of actual performance relative to KPI’s

  • Identification of performance gaps

  • Agreement of actions to achieve desired performance levels


LUPR not only ensures that those benefits identified in the contracting stage are delivered, but that value delivery and category benchmarking continue for the life of the contract.

As companies increasingly focus on their core competencies and outsource a greater percentage of work, their success becomes ever more dependent on the performance of strategic suppliers. Ultimately, LUPR  ensures the successful outcome of buyer-supplier business relationships.

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Enhance Value of Spend. Period.

With LUPR, you can be one of the procurement executives that are leading their company forward - achieving greater quality from their suppliers showing the reduction of errors and more accurate delivery time throughout their organization. 



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LUPR is a fast-growing start-up. Our main goal is helping companies with an easy to use app and services, maximize their supplier value and enjoy fast results.

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