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Product registration Automation

Get Product Choices at your Fingertip

Lacking visibility of

  • Lacking visibility where new products/services are stuck on the approval process

  • Not enough chices for aletrnative suppliers in case of shortage

  • Long process to gather and collect all the certification and information needed.



Leaves you exposed to sudden shortage in raw materials or services.

Our customers use LUPR to register new suppliers/products in 40% shorter time and with less efort through our automated registration flow in LUPR.


Collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders

Process Improvment

Automate and clarify KPI Processes

Reduce Risk

Analyze Supplier data

market trends

Analyze Supplier data

Speed the Process for Product Registration with nwe suppliers

Whether you are the category manager or the CPO, LUPR Product Registration Automation is the ultimate tool to speed up the process of new raw materials or any other supplies that need an approval process. The automation includes alerts and visibility into the process so you can apeed the process as needed.


  • Collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders

  • Automate the process between approvals

  • Reduce the cycle time of issue resolution

  • Ability for suppliers to easily upload cartifications and information as needed.



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Enhance Value of Spend. Period.

With LUPR, you can be one of the procurement executives that are leading their company forward - achieving greater quality from their suppliers and ensuring resilient supply chain.


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LUPR is a fast-growing start-up. Our main goal is helping companies with an easy to use app and services, maximize their supplier value and enjoy fast results.

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