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Helps your procurement team collaborate with suppliers and shine in any situation

Let us help you start a free trial and see for yourself how LUPR can improve supplier responsiveness, reduce operating risks, enhance quality, and increase collaboration in your team.

Enhancing supply chain visibility 

Especially during a crisis, we see immediate benefits in companies that collaborate with and manage their suppliers. Those companies show a performance improvement of 27.4%, on average.  They show better quality, shorter lead-times, and better service while enjoying lower overall risk from their suppliers.


How LUPR can help

Supplier Relationship Management Platform to maximize value and reduce risks with suppliers. 


Higher Productivity

LUPR connects buyers, stakeholders, and suppliers in critical moments to maintain a resilient supply chain. Fast resolution path for supply chain disruptions, safety, and quality issues. Ongoing data collection and analysis for supplier risk mitigation.


Lower risk

AI-powered purchasing analytics enables effective measurement of supplier’s performance, provides alerts and real-time indication of risk.


Increased Supply Visibility 

We help you have enterprise-wide collective supplier data. We also make it effortless for you to analyze reports, which ensures that the procurement procedures are done correctly.

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