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Companies that collaborate with and formally manage the performance of their suppliers see performance improve by 27.4%, on average.  They get lower cost, better quality, shorter lead-times, and better service while enjoying lower overall risk in their supply base.


Companies that adopt automation and analytics tools like LUPR double the benefits of collaborative supplier performance & risk management by doubling the number of suppliers they actively engage in their program.  And the most innovative are using data to predict the future performance and risk of their suppliers.

How LUPR can help

Increased Supply Visibility 

We help you have enterprise-wide collective supplier data. We also make it effortless for you to analyze reports, which ensure that the procurement procedures are done correctly.


Reduced Costs

More collaboration with suppliers and real-time data leading to a reduction in price, better negotiation, and more innovation.


Higher Productivity

No more collecting data from email, spreadsheets, and other systems.  Now all the data is real-time and can be viewed and analyzed in one platform.


Lower risk

Fast resolution path for supply chain disruptions, safety, and quality issues. Ongoing data collection and analysis for supplier risk mitigation.

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