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Reverse CRM to Succeed with Subcontractors

Keeping projects on track during this crisis requires a resilient supply chain network. Most of us know the extraordinary benefits that CRM brought to Sales and Marketing organizations over the last decade. The

time is right to introduce those technologies to procurement and supply chain on the other side of your firm’s value chain. We call this “Reverse CRM”, a strategy and platform which enables construction firms to better manage risk and enhance the performance of subcontractors and suppliers.

Here are some of the key challenges confronting builders and how Reverse CRM can help:

Challenge #1: Normal communication channels are disrupted both internally and with subcontractors

When things go wrong on a project site, the usual culprit is poor communications. Two-thirds of the population own smartphones, so there is a good chance that almost everyone on your project sites has one. Reverse CRM on mobile means you can get information instantaneously to all people on the project in real-time and reduce the slowdowns and speed bumps of a communication breakdown.

Challenge #2: Uncertainty about subcontractor performance

Concerns abound about the reliability of even well-respected subcontractors in these business conditions. Reverse CRM facilitates a WhatsApp-like conversation-style approach between you and your subs. CRM Automation enables dynamic status updates and alerts to replace time-consuming preparation of static reports. Subcontractors get clear feedback on their performan

ce relative to KPI’s at project milestones. LUPR provides a “sticky-note” style virtual board that allows you to easily see what tasks need to be completed, and enables sharing real-time project and task status updates among all participants. Tag individuals, companies and key personnel with capabilities, performance ratings, and service areas to make finding the right subcontractor for your next project easy.

Challenge #3: Project information is scattered in different systems and teams

Contracts, change orders, materials orders, receipts, invoices, employment applications, certificates of insurance. You probably have enough paper to fill an entire trailer of filing cabinets. It’s time to go paperless. Reverse CRM can help you make sense of all this information - documents can be effortlessly stored and shared with partners in the cloud. This enables you to stay organized, keep up to date on project status, and ensure subcontractors get paid on-time.

LUPR, a Reverse CRM based on Salesforce, takes the guesswork out of managing your complex relationships with subcontractors and suppliers while making it simple and easy to maintain a dynamic view of project progress.

How do you think Reverse CRM can transform your subcontractor and supplier relationships? Write to us or schedule a meeting with one of our supply chain experts.

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