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Supplier's Saving and Project Tracker
LUPR supplier saving management software

Constant Innovation Should be Part of your Agenda

LUPR enables users to follow categories, suppliers, issues, and projects, pulling automated streams of real-time information they need to be informed and effective in their work. This is a breakthrough for any innovation project or price negotiation to have a collaboration platform that not only gathers all the required data but also provides a communication platform between stakeholders, buyers, and suppliers to support a successful project.


Collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders

Process Improvment

Automate and clarify KPI Processes

Reduce Risk

Analyze Supplier data

market trends

Analyze Supplier data

Simply Drive Supplier’s Improvement

Whether you are managing a large scale innovation project with your suppliers or simply an improvement idea, it can all be tracked and analyzed in LUPR. At the end of the day, category managers and CPOs would like to improve their bottom line and provide savings and improved bottom line.

LUPR build on #1 CRM in the market enables discussion groups, alerts and a better overall means of knowledge management and transmission to foster effective relationships among colleagues and business partners.  

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Track your supplier performance

Establishing productive relations with your suppliers is the key to positive supply chain outcomes. LUPR Collaboration tools enable you to assess, survey and report issues (NCR) in one tool. The data is then analyzed and available for management to review and make the right decision to preserve quality and for faster resolutions.


We have seen time and time again that collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders on the right platform can more easily reduce risk and enhance quality.



LUPR is a fast-growing start-up. Our main goal is helping companies with an easy to use app and services, maximize their supplier value and see fast results.

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