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Category Mnagement Automation

Whether you are the category manager or the CPO, LUPR Category Management Automation is the ultimate tool to identify potential issues and their root causes so that they can be resolved to everyone’s benefit as early as possible.

Streamline Your Vendor Management with LUPR

Know your vendor REAL quality

LUPR Supplier Quality Enabler 

Establishing relations with your vendors is key to healthy supply chain outcomes. LUPR ensures collaboration when assessing, surveying, and resolving an issue. 

Supplier Performance and ranking
Supplier data integrator

Get all your vendor data in one place

LUPR eProcurement

LUPR eProcurement streamlines data sharing among procurement and stakeholders. In addition, LUPR can facilitate computing in multiple system architectures, platforms, and applications.

Innovation with vendors made easy

LUPR Vendor Savings and Project Tracking 

In LUPR we believe that developing relationships with strategic suppliers and leveraging these partnerships usually leads to real a competitive advantage.

Supplier Innovation Hub
LUPR - SRM home page

Enterprise wide collective supplier insights for better decision making

LUPR Supplier Onboarding

Have the right start with each and every vendor

Supplier onboarding

LUPR Vendor Diversity Management

Manage and enforce diversity standards among your vendors

Supplier diversity management

 LUPR Sourcing

Shorten sourcing cycle times and maximize savings

LUPR Sourcing

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