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Stand Out from the
Procurement Crowd

Be a leader with innovative software that gives you real-time insights to make smart fast decisions


LUPR extends any Procurement Toolset to provide

LUPR Provides strategic supplier value
LUPR - Relationship Management
Gain Supplier Insights
Manage Relationships Efficiently

Enhanced supplier performance, managed contacts, certifications and status.

Seamless and efficient collaboration between buyers, stakeholders and suppliers

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Realize Greater Savings 

Identify, track and manage cost saving opportunities

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Assess Risks Quickly

Mitigate supplier risks occurring from KPIs, nonconformance, sustainability and financial data

LUPR-Innovation path for supplier improvment projects
LUPR - Risk Assesment of strteic suppliers

Don’t let a lack of information negatively impact your company! Are you?

Category Manager
Procurement Team
Vendor Manager

Our mission is to help you find more supplier value

LUPR gives you a clear view of your suppliers and spend categories to empower you for success

LUPR App - Collaborative data for procurement executives

LUPR helps companies capture and consolidate critical data from different systems and teams to support more effective supplier management

We Partner with

"LUPR was essential in developing and implementing a procurement savings tracking system for a key client.  The client's existing savings tracking system was beset by several problems – it was spreadsheet-based and cumbersome to maintain and reported savings were extremely difficult to tie to actual financial results. With LUPR, we were able to deliver an intuitive, simple-to-maintain solution, and report savings based on actual company spend data, making it possible to tie the reported savings to the client's financial reports.  Our client is extremely happy with the results."

Mark MacLean, Management Consultant, Supply Chain Executive, Tenzing

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