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Manage Your Strategic Suppliers with Deeper Clarity

One view to capture, communicate, and analyze all supplier insights

LUPR extends any Procurement Toolset to provide

LUPR Provides strategic supplier value
LUPR - Relationship Management
LUPR - Real time analysis of supplier data
Supplier Insights

Enterprise-wide performance, risk analysis and saving pipeline 

Relationship Management

Improved buyer and supplier collaboration 

Real-time Analysis

Supplier performance analysis with automated alerts

LUPR - Risk Assesment of strteic suppliers
LUPR - Resolution Control of supplier issues
LUPR-Innovation path for supplier improvment projects
Risk Assessment

Ongoing supplier risk mitigation derive from KPIs, NCRs, ESG and financial data

Resolution Control

Improved resolution path for supply chain disruptions and quality issues

Saving Pipeline

Track saving pipeline for past and future savings 


What is your role?

Our mission is to help you find more supplier value

Using LUPR Anywhere Anytime

LUPR App - Collaborative data for procurement executives

LUPR helps companies capture and consolidate critical data from different systems and teams to support more effective supplier management


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