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Be a leader with innovative software that gives you
real-time insights to make smart, fast decisions.


 ⏵ ⏵  Built on the Salesforce Platform

Don't get caught short by a lack of information!


  • Unsure where to reduce costs in your supply chain? 

  • Worried about unknown supplier risks? 

  • Struggling to collaborate more effectively with strategic suppliers? 

  • Overwhelmed trying to compile supplier data stuck in emails and spreadsheets?

  • Frustrated by slow reaction times when global events occur?


At LUPR, we understand how overwhelming it is to sort through mounds of outdated, inaccurate information when evaluating suppliers.

That's why we created software with a clear, dashboard view of your suppliers and spend categories, empowering you for success...

Realize & Track Category Savings
Reduce Supply
Chain Risk
Make Informed, Strategic Decisions
Easily Collaborate with Stakeholders

What our clients and partners say...

"LUPR was essential in developing and implementing a procurement savings tracking system for a key client.  The client's existing savings tracking system was beset by several problems – it was spreadsheet-based and cumbersome to maintain and reported savings were extremely difficult to tie to actual financial results. With LUPR, we were able to deliver an intuitive, simple-to-maintain solution, and report savings based on actual company spend data, making it possible to tie the reported savings to the client's financial reports.  Our client is extremely happy with the results."
- Mark MacLean, Management Consultant, Supply Chain Executive, Tenzing

LUPR is proud to partner with...

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Choose the plan that’s right for you:

$29/user/ month

  • 5 users

  • Mobile app, access from anywhere

  • Supplier relationship tracking

  • Category strategy

  • Savings forecasting, tracking, and approvals

  • Contact management

  • Standard dashboard

  • Up to 4 categories

  • Basic support

$79/user/ month

⏴⏴⏴  Everything in Lite


  • 40 users

  • 5 custom dashboards

  • Customized supplier Performance Management (e.g. KPI Scorecards)

  • Contract Management

  • Up to 200/supplier logins 

  • Up to 10 categories

  • Premium Support

LUPR Enterprise
Call for pricing

⏴⏴⏴  Everything in Pro


  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited dashboards

  • Support for all categories

  • Unlimited suppliers logins

  • Integration with ERP systems

It's EASY to get started...
Free trial setup takes only 30 minutes!



Meet with a LUPR Pro as in “Pro-curement”


We listen to your needs and help determine the best LUPR solution to your procurement challenges.



Create a Plan


LUPR experts help you develop customized dashboards with real-time category and supplier metrics.



Crush your procurement goals!


Easily navigate through data to get maximum value in less time.


Can LUPR really help me save money with my suppliers?

Our team has decades of experience advising companies large and small on how to realize big savings on external spend and sustain those savings with best supplier and category management practices. We usually see 3-10% savings in the first year of using LUPR.

Will LUPR integrate with my current toolset?

LUPR integrates easily with most software and ERP systems. Since LUPR is based on the Salesforce platform, with many ready-made and  easy-to-configure APIs available for most software currently on the market.


What kind of support do you offer?

All packages include training and email support. Enterprise users receive our highest level of support. Phone and web conferences are included in your subscription fee. You’ll have access to customer support specialists 8 - 5 M - F EST who will answer any and all questions. Our ticketing system prioritizes support requests for users.


What makes LUPR stand out from other procurement software?

Collaborative; based on the SalesForce platform - security, innovation (AI, IOT adapts easily), unlimited data capabilities for users and suppliers


How do I get my team to adopt LUPR? How easy is it for teams to adopt?

LUPR monitors adoption in the software and reports to managers. We provide free, hands on training so all team members feel comfortable and confident using.

Do I need to pay separately for Salesforce licenses?

No, full Salesforce platform licenses are included in the price of LUPR.

We are a Salesforce customer. Can we add LUPR to our existing account?

Yes, LUPR can be installed in your current Salesforce environment.

Can I use LUPR if I’m not a current Salesforce customer?

Yes. LUPR comes pre-packaged with a full salesforce license. The package (LUPR app plus Salesforce license) is purchased through LUPR.

We just deployed new software for nonconformance, but need a solution for assessments and risk analysis (or any other combination).

LUPR is modular in nature. Each module covers different aspects of a holistic approach to supplier management. Some of our customers choose to use only a few modules that complement their existing toolset.

Do I need professional services?

Typically, yes. While LUPR is intuitive and does not require special training, the software should be tailored to the processes and structures that are your unique to your organization. We’ve been helping organizations optimize their procurement processes for over 20 years.

How long have you been in business?

LUPR was founded in 2017.


How can I make the business case for LUPR (or show ROI for LUPR)?

Companies that actively manage the performance of their suppliers typically report a 30% improvement. Companies struggle to closely monitor more than a dozen suppliers. Through automation, LUPR customers can effectively manage 10x that number. Our professional services team will work with you to develop a baseline of performance that will the yardstick for demonstrating the benefit of LUPR to your organization.


How long does it take to get started?

It takes about 30 minutes to setup a free trial for up to 5 users in your organization. A typical implementation for a procurement team and stakeholders in multiple locations takes 3 - 4 months.


How do I interact with my suppliers on LUPR?

Suppliers interact with you via the Supplier Community.  They can view information you choose to share, respond to inquiries from your company and self-maintain their company information.


How do I start a trial?

Go to and then click on “Start a Trial.”



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