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Digital Procurement by
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Get all your supplier data in one place

Currently supplier data  sits in multiple systems, different locations and divisions which lead to scattered data and decision making that is based on limited information. In order to create a monthly/quarterly report there is a need to gather information from multiple sources like mailboxes and excel sheets, a process that might take several days and even weeks.

LUPR Integrator

Lead Digital Transformation in your Company - Starting with procurement

Define and manage your organization’s critical supplier data to provide a single point of reference for all supplier activity. The data that is integrated and mastered by LUPR includes reference data - the set of permissible values, and the analytical data that supports decision-making.

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Supplier Community

Collaboration with suppliers and other stakeholders

Salesforce structure 

Reliable, secure and scalable

All Supplier Information in one view

Easy connectivity to other DB/platforms

Contract Management

Contract repository and KPI management

Have a Trusted Single View of your Supplier’s Health

LUPR Digital Procurement streamlines data sharing among procurement and suppliers. In addition, LUPR can facilitate computing in multiple system architectures, platforms, and applications to bring financial, safety, or ESG data.  The ultimate goal is to provide the procurement team with a "trusted single version of the truth" from which to base their decisions. In addition, LUPR dashboards and reports demonstrate real-time analysis of your supplier's health, risk, and performance.


LUPR is a fast-growing start-up. Our main goal is helping companies with an easy to use app and services, maximize their supplier value and see fast results.

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