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Know your supplier REAL quality

LUPR Supplier Quality Enabler 

Establishing the relations with your suppliers are key for healthy supply chain outcomes. LUPR supplier risk management tool ensures collaboration when assessing, surveying and resolving an issue. Vendor risk management tools are essential to save money and eliminate issues with suppliers.

vendor risk management solutions
vendor risk assessment tools

LUPR Supplier Risk Management Software

LUPR ensures that a supplier’s performance meets the expectations defined in the contract and aligns with company goals. It includes the management of actual performance relative to KPIs, identification of performance gaps and agreement of actions to achieve desired performance levels.

Minimize surprises from suppliers

Take Control of Supplier Risk 

LUPR measures, analyzes, and manages the supplier’s performance and KPIs in an effort to reduce risk, maintain supplier quality and quickly resolve issues. With LUPR, Procurement executives are getting the most out of their suppliers by continuously knowing the risks and resolving them faster to achieve their goals.  LUPR is a leading vendor risk management software and supplier risk assessment tool.

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