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Our vision is to support a more effective and value-driven strategic supplier management.

Get a 360° View

of all Supplier Insights

Managing strategic suppliers at a personal level in one tool can help:

  • Better collaboration with suppliers

  • Easily drive improvements

  • Reduce risk

  • Enhance productivity

  • Improve quality


SRM Collaboration
The easy way to collaboration

Enhance relationships to bring improvements

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Consolidate internal and external data into one view

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One view of supplier interactions. Get company wide structured supplier data, real-time critical information on all your strategic suppliers. Accurate enterprise wide supplier information.


Real time reports and custom dashboards

Reports and Dashboards - All structured data in collaboration tools is analyzed in custom dashboards and reports so executives can make real-time and fact-based decisions.


Influence Your Enterprise' Bottom line 

With LUPR, CPOs are achieving better quality of their most strategic procurement of their organization, driving innovation and showing reduction of errors. By capturing, communicating and analyzing the critical data they will be able to achieve their goals: reduce cost, drive efficiency and enhance value of spend.

Strengthen Supplier Relationships to Achieve Value

We developed the LUPR platform to help companies accelerate their supplier value through collaboration and automation.* LUPR captures, synchronizes and analyzes supplier information which gives CPOs valuable information so they can make real-time decisions. Try LUPR to experience first hand how fact-based decisions can drive efficiency and enhance procurement's value in your organization.

An enterprise tool to collaborate and view of all strategic supplier interactions with real time insights for CPOs to enhance value and reduce cost.


*Procurement application built 100% native in Salesforce, provides the ability to collaborate from anywhere and synchronize with other systems in the organization.     

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Enterprise wide collective supplier insights for better decision making

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